How one fast food company is crushing its target market visibility

taco emoji

That emoji you’ve been missing? It’s the taco emoji. Don’t deny it if you’re a member of Taco Bell’s target demographic. And if you’re not part of Taco Bell’s demographic, you might be after reading this story from Entrepreneur.

You see, back in November, Kathryn Philabaum of Madison, Wis., started this four-word petition on “Create a taco emoji.” It got 457 supporters. On Jan. 5, Taco Bell weighed in with its own, more targeted campaign to the governing body of text emoticons, Unicode. They got 22,823 supporters.

Kudos to Taco Bell for recognizing an opportunity when it presented itself, amplifying the voice of its (potential) customers, and knocking it out of the park. I read about it in Entrepreneur magazine, where they have the story.

Let us all draw a lesson from this: When our clients speak, and we share common ground, hold the megaphone for them.

– James Janega



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