Resetting strategy to compete in a disruptive world

By James Janega What can incumbent firms do to stay relevant in an increasingly contentious, uncertain, and disruptive competitive environment? Alter processes, plan ahead, and delegate decision-making authority — both for new opportunities and for responsibilities managing day-to-day “business-as-usual.” I work with both startups and enterprise companies. Each has their advantages. I find it interesting […]

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Finding ROI for innovation: Three levers that can unlock trust and financial buy-in needed for sustainable innovation

A lack of metrics for ROI – Returns on Innovation – underpins corporate risk-aversion and insufficient financial investment, contributes to fizzled ideas, and leads to an overall lack of confidence in the innovation process.
To set things right, where to start? Which levers offer the biggest return, fastest?

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Plug-and-play thinking about Artificial Intelligence

Alex Dayon, president and chief-product officer at Salesforce, announced investments to build an AI capability for the company. PHOTO: ERIC MILLETTE/SALESFORCE An announcement by this week that it would embed its artificial intelligence technology “Einstein” into its software for salespeople caps a three-year, $700 million AI push by the workforce enabler. Salesforce isn’t the […]

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Omni-channel is the trees. Customers are the forest.

My buddy Ed Siok and a prototype from an IoT hackathon Recently, my colleagues and I were preparing to address a roomful of marketers and communicators on mental readjustments needed to win in the shifting business landscape. That included breaking down walls between business functions and physically removing walls from workplaces — so that communication and concepts […]

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A window into external innovation for enterprise companies

What’s the cheapest way for corporations to understand the forces that could disrupt their business model? Increasingly, the answer might be engagement with startups through corporate venturing, according to recent articles in CFO Magazine, the annual Money Tree white paper from the National Venture Capital Association and PwC, and insights from a recent panel on […]

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